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Cleaning ServicesLucy Cleaners is a reputable and professional cleaning company that, thanks to our customers, has earned itself the reputation of offering the best services around. It is also thanks to our customers that our company has continued to grow and develop. Most of our new clients have been led to our company through recommendations. So we have our clients to thank for our continuing success and we hope our business will continue to thrive for the upcoming years. What sets us apart from every other company out there is that we treat all our customers individually so that we can meet each and every client’s specific needs. We work around the customer to ensure that he or she is 100% satisfied. It is because of this that our customers keep returning to us for their cleaning needs. Call us today on 020 3397 3109 to hear more about our services.

Most people are overburdened with daily commitments as it is and cleaning is not everyone’s top priority. However, it is nevertheless a chore that needs to be done. By leaving it, you’re only making the situation. After a hard day at work, nobody wants to come home to a dirty house. It just is not pleasant and can really send out negative vibes – definitely something you do not need or want. That is why you should consider hiring a cleaning company like ours to help you ours and get your home looking brand new again.  This also applies to those working in a grubby, grimy office that is in desperate need of a clean. Having to work in a smelly, dusty office can really play havoc with your stress levels. You certainly do not want your stress levels to rise so why not hire us to thoroughly clean your office?
We offer a range of services that you can’t afford to ignore. From domestic cleaning to upholstery cleaning to end-of-tenancy cleaning to carpet cleaning to office cleaning – we do it all and more!

Our domestic cleaning is like no other companies. Not only do we clean the whole of the premises, we also clean the belongings within every room such as the furniture, curtains and carpets. Our team of experts works diligently and efficiently. With their vast amount of experience, they can handle all sorts of situations.  With our top resources, we require absolutely nothing from you so you don’t have to worry about not having the right materials for the job. As for upholstery cleaning, this is a chore most average homeowners ignore doing. We have all the materials and equipment to perform the procedure and deliver amazing results.

Office Cleaning TeamsFor landlords seeking a thorough clean for their apartment, consider hiring us to do it for you. If you want to attract tenants, your home will need to be looking its best and you are certainly not going to attract new tenants if your property is looking grimy and dusty. Within a day, our team of cleaners will have your home or apartment looking gleaming.

We also offer office cleaning, otherwise known as commercial cleaning. Keeping your office clean not only looks good to clients, it also keeps you feeling positive too. By working in a fresh and sweet-smelling office, you are guaranteed a cheerful mood. Nobody wants to work in a grimy, dusty office. So let us tidy up the mess and give your office a makeover it will never forget. To keep it looking this way, you could hire us on a regular basis so that we can maintain your commercial property to keep it looking sparkling. You really cannot afford to miss this opportunity.

Whilst you may be thinking to yourself, ‘I can do it myself’, you may want to rethink. Cleaning is a time-consuming, energy draining task that can be quite stressful, especially if you already have a lot on your plate. The last thing you want to do is add more stress to your day. The trouble with doing it yourself is that you probably don’t have the right materials and you certainly don’t have the skill. It can even end up costing you more money by taking the DIY approach because if you use the cleaning products incorrectly, they can actually do a lot of damage and the last thing you want is to have to start replacing stuff.

London CleanersOur team of cleaners is efficient and diligent. Each member of the team is completely reliable and trustworthy so you don’t need to worry about leaving your possessions in their hands. They arrive right on time, get straight to work and work hard until they are finished. With their knowledge and experience, they know how to handle harsh cleaning products so that none of your belongings will get damaged. We are always complimented on our employees and we hope you’ll be just as pleased with them.

Cleaning is a chore that can’t be ignored and yet so many people do ignore it because they feel as though it is a task that isn’t too important. Living or working in a dirty, messy environment can be harmful in many ways – mainly in an emotional way. Whether it is your house or office that is plagued with dirt and grime, it can really put you in a bad mood. The problem is that all your furniture and upholsteries can really soak up smells, leaving a bad odor in your home which is far from pleasant. Nobody wants to live in a smelly house. However, if you have not got a free day to dedicate to cleaning all your domestic items, why not hire us at Lucy Cleaners? With our excellent team of cleaners, top quality resources and brilliant prices, you can’t afford to miss out. We can free you from the hassle of cleaning so that you can simply get on with your daily commitments. We offer a wide range of cleaning services to ensure that all your needs is catered for. Call us today on 020 3397 3109.