Excellent work by the guys on my carpet! It looks brand new although I've been cleaning it myself for years. I will surely recommend them. Thank you for the impressive service.
Adrianna W.09Jul 2024
     The quality of our cleaner's service is always excellent.
G. Compton20Jun 2024
     These cleaners are not only polite but also hardworking and knowledgeable.
Mrs. Allan10Jun 2024
     Highly satisfied with your excellent cleaner. She's efficient, pleasant, and always reliable. Much appreciated.
Kimberly31May 2024
     Thank you for always going above and beyond with your fantastic Cleaning services.
Kelly Green17May 2024
     They took great care in ensuring that my windows were spotless, without any streaks or smudges.
Greg Prickler16Apr 2024
     These cleaners in London are truly experts at what they do! Their attention to detail and frequent updates blew me away.
Aria F.21Mar 2024
     Top-notch service and highly courteous team members at London Cleaners. We've hired them twice and never been disappointed with their work.
K. Jackson11Mar 2024
     I couldn't have been more impressed with the kindness, knowledge and efficiency of the cleaner from Lucy Cleaners London.
Cyril D.01Mar 2024
     Lucy Cleaners's team members demonstrated exceptional reliability, positive demeanor, and efficiency while successfully cleaning an exceedingly soiled house. Even though facing challenges such as a rail strike causing delays, they persevered and put in extra effort to ensure everything was sparkling clean. A sincere thank you to the entire team!
Marvin14Feb 2024
     What an amazing experience with this fantastic company - they offer quick and efficient work at fair rates.
Doris Kelly04Feb 2024
     The cleaners from Lucy Cleaners did an outstanding job during our second end-of-tenancy clean, resulting in us getting our full deposit back without any deductions.
Faye H25Jan 2024
     Highly recommend this service to anyone looking for exceptional results paired with friendly customer service. My place has never looked better - thank you!
Lynette Brockleberry15Jan 2024
     We were absolutely delighted with the service provided by London Cleaners. Our cleaning requirements were taken care of quickly and professionally - we are grateful!
Gavin Hemworth15Feb 2023
     Our flat was well cleaned, following my request for an end of tenancy cleaning service. We are delighted with the result. Thanks!
Richard.07Sep 2021
     I was impressed with the carpet cleaning service provided by Cleaners London. Thanks a million for your services.
Ian.14Aug 2021
     Incredible job by professional cleaners. They cleaned my carpet to perfection! I would highly recommend their service.
Tom.06Jul 2021
     Fantastic cleaning service is done by Lucy Cleaning Company. My carpet looks great! Thank you.
Mayfair.08Jun 2021
     I had an end of tenancy as well as carpet cleaning service. Not even once was I disappointed with the result. The company offers one of the best cleaning services. Thanks!
John.04May 2021
     Outstanding cleaning service offered by Lucy Cleaning Company. They did an amazing job in removing stains from my rug, leaving it spotless. Their service is reliable and highly recommended. Thank you!
Michelle.03Apr 2021
     This cleaning service was amazing. Their carpet cleaning service was very helpful and efficient. Now my carpet smells nice. Thanks!
Alastair.02Mar 2021
      London Cleaners has hard-working cleaners. They worked throughout the day to get my apartment spotless. I would recommend their unmatched cleaning service.
Lyn.01Feb 2021
     Top-notch cleaning service. Their cleaners were professional and very efficient. They came to my place equipped with all cleaning tools, and they left my apartment sparkling clean.
Fabian.31Jan 2021
     A brilliant cleaning service offered by Lucy Cleaning Company. The end of tenancy cleaning was outstanding, and the landlord was impressed.
Sarah.19Dec 2020
     The carpet cleaning service offered by Cleaning Services London was amazing, and so was the rest of the cleaning service. Thank you for your service, guys.
Young.07Nov 2020
     An outstanding service offered by the best cleaning company. The red wine stain on my carpet was very challenging to get rid of, thanks to your men who got rid of it with the utmost ease. If you need an incredible carpet cleaning service, you should hire Lucy Cleaning Company.
Lisa.10Oct 2020
     I contacted London Cleaners on short notice for rug cleaning services at our offices. They did a fantastic job. I will definitely continue hiring their services soon. I will also not hesitate to refer you to my friends.
Brie J.13Aug 2019
     With six kids carpet cleaning is a must. Lucy Cleaners did it for a great discount and in no time at all. The floors look so good, I don't want to walk on them! Best in the area!
Peggy Nelson03Jul 2019
     Had to hire a cleaning service after an illness, and chose Lucy Cleaners London because they were cheap, and during the trial session really proved to be of high quality. They've been cleaning for me for a few months now and my home always looks great.
Dennis Hitchman10Jun 2019
      Cleaners London have got a really good team of house cleaners who clearly know what they are doing, and aren't afraid to go above and beyond to help their customers.
A. Wood17May 2019
     I hate carpet cleaning. Luckily, due to their prices and level of expertise, I was able to palm the important task off into the capable hands of London Cleaners.
D. Miller18Apr 2019
     Their carpet cleaners did an amazing job. I've never seen my carpet look this clean. A massive thanks to the entire team at Lucy Cleaners.
G. Anderson13Mar 2019
     Thanks to LucyCleaners for returning to me a clean carpet. It was in a real state when I called them up and described the problem to them. But the stain and the dirt didn't faze them. They showed up and worked their magic. It was a pleasure watching them at work. The team transformed the state of my carpet with speed and ease. It was a very professional service. I'll certainly be using them for future jobs.
Gavin F.08Feb 2019
      Lucy Cleaners London are rug cleaning specialists alright. They transformed the state of my carpet. It would've been ruined without them.
Hannah M.16Jan 2019
      LucyCleaners did a one off cleaning for me after a house party and my house has never looked cleaner. I will absolutely use them again.
Sheena Rav28Nov 2018
     Home cleaning is no longer an issue for me because I can call upon the services of Cleaning Services London. I've used them a few times now, and due to the fantastic results, I'll continue to do so.
Graham S.09Oct 2018
     Good price, and a competent cleaning crew that performed their task in a professional manner make Lucy Cleaning Company a top notch choice. The entire job was above what was expected for the price paid. I must say, if you are in need of a domestic or commercial cleaning service, give them a call.
Thomasina Andrews11Sep 2018
     our home is surrounded by tree and shrubbery, so were in dire need of a good cleaning. Superb cleaning by LucyCleaners. The results are worth the price.
Kyle Compton17Aug 2018
     Surpassed all of our expectations. The price was competitive and the job well done. Lucy Cleaners London did us right. If you are in need of domestic cleaning services, you can't go wrong.
Arvid Rassmussen02Aug 2018
     Here we get more than our fair share of rainy weather, and having a dog and kids is pretty hard on a cream coloured carpet. I am so happy, my light coloured carpet is now sweet smelling and stain free. I heartily recommend Lucy Cleaners London for all your cleaning needs.
Lyle Wainwright17Jul 2018
     Lucy Cleaners are my new favourite cleaning company. I'll certainly be using their services again.
H. Peters11Jun 2018
      LucyCleaners are certainly house cleaning specialists. They knew just what they were doing. It was a great experience dealing with this company.
David J.15May 2018
     I haven't been able to stop raving about Cleaning Services London and their house cleaners. The service was that good.
Walter N.27Apr 2018
     I was after a clean carpet when I hired London Cleaners. That's exactly what I got, and in next to no time too.
J. White03Apr 2018
     Lucy Cleaners were one of the only local services I could find that did upholstery cleaning, so am very glad I found them.
Kieran Cole30Mar 2018
     I had a tough stain blighting the appearance of my carpet. I called London Cleaners and their carpet cleaners sorted everything out without any issues.
Adrian M.27Feb 2018
      London Cleaners cleaners did a fantastic job with my end of tenancy cleaning, so good in fact I got my full deposit back!
Hannah Morgan22Jan 2018
     I absolutely love having such a clean home, and I wouldn't be able to do it without the help of Cleaning Services London. Their cleaning services are excellent. They have made my life so easy and stress-free.
Laura Tinderland13Dec 2017
     I'm very happy with the service provided by Lucy Cleaners. There were no problems at all. Their cleaners just got on with the job and did everything superbly.
Roger M.20Nov 2017
     Everything their cleaners did was up to standard. LucyCleaners even surpassed my expectations when cleaning my house.
Natalie J.27Oct 2017
     Their cleaners were so cheap to hire! I couldn't believe it when Lucy Cleaning Company gave me the quote. It turned out to be amazing value, because their quality of work was just exceptional.
J. Robbie05Oct 2017
     When I book with a professional cleaning company, I require skill, effort, dedication, and above all, good prices. When I discovered Lucy Cleaning Company and read about all the things they promised, I wasn't disappointed when I hired them to completely clean my garage, which was an absolute mess. I will surely consider them again if I should need some cleaning help!
A. Farley14Sep 2017
     After a tenant moved out, the room left was in bad need of a clean. With one call to Lucy Cleaners London, they took control of the job and cleaned the place from top to bottom. The cleaners also knew exactly what I needed.
Keith Huston05Sep 2017
      Lucy Cleaners London provided me with the cheapest service that I could find, and because of everything that took place, they're my number one company when it comes to carpet cleaning.
Stephen M.21Aug 2017
      Lucy Cleaning Company is amazing! I hired them to help me with some deep clean work (like oven cleaning, carpet cleaning, windows stuff like that) and they did a much better job than I ever would have! They are truly worth more than they charge - very affordable services!
Peter C.28Jul 2017
     I've hired Lucy Cleaning Company for regular cleaning services and occasional carpet cleanings around the holidays. They always provide me with quality service and affordable rates, I highly recommend them to anyone!
Micha W. 11Jul 2017
     Any time I have ever had an issue with the home cleaning services offered by Cleaners London I can take my complaint directly to them, and they will go out of their way to make sure they solve my problem. I rarely have a problem with their cleaning service, though. They always handle my cleaning needs well beyond my high standards.
Sandra F.27Jun 2017
     I use this company to cater for my carpet cleaning needs. The cleaners at Lucy Cleaners London work to suit my requirements and are also very professional.
D. Lloyd01Jun 2017
     I avoid the likelihood of working with fraudulent cleaning companies by making good choices. London Cleaners helps me achieve this goal and at reasonable prices.
T. Shaw15May 2017
     Friends have always complained that it can be too costly to hire carpet cleaners for a busy office. I found Lucy Cleaners London and this changed my beliefs. Very affordable cleaning service with a brilliant end result. Despite the busy rooms, the floors still manage to stay clean and tidy. Will use again.
Laura25Apr 2017
     Surprised my husband with a clean apartment after he returned home from a fortnight away with work. I did of course take the credit for it, secretly it was thanks to Lucy Cleaning Company. They did the home cleaning job with ease and total professionalism. Very happy wife and extra happy husband. Cheers guys!
Emily03Apr 2017
     Cost-effective, reliable and efficient! The domestic cleaning team from Cleaning Services London really know they stuff.
Howard10Mar 2017
     Used their cost-effective end of tenancy cleaning service and my landlord returned my security deposit! London Cleaners offered me the best deal so I took advantage of it and didn't regret it!
Aaron09Feb 2017
     I was looking for a cheap office cleaning service to clean my commercial premises on a regular basis. I contacted Lucy Cleaners and gave them a try. It was the best decision I have made!
K. Blaxley16Jan 2017
      Cleaning Services London was in charge of the office cleaning and they did a fantastic job with everything, start to finish. They did not leave a single room unattended and went through every surface and piece of hardware, no disruptions, no damages, just straight up thorough commercial cleaning. Grand work! I am very happy I chose them, even though I did it because of the good prices they had. Greatly pleased, overall!
Randy B.07Dec 2016
     Splendid work and good cost! Will hire Cleaning Services London again!
Evan Dale24Nov 2016
     Hired Cleaning Services London for sofa cleaning and paid a fair price. They did a great job!
Ann07Nov 2016
     Most of the year the place looks okay considering we have a large family and an open door policy, but in the autumn with holiday season coming on, we call Cleaners London. The only good place I know for domestic cleaning. I recommend it.
Nora R. 28Oct 2016
     I had to change my commercial cleaning contractor as I wasn't at all happy with my current one. I browsed the local directories and contacted a few companies that seemed promising and in the end I went with Lucy Cleaning Company as their rates were really good. So far I have had no complaints; they clean my work premises daily and are very unobtrusive too. Would recommend.
Jeremy L.28Sep 2016
     Booked with Lucy Cleaners London for the house cleaning at my place and had a team come over to do it. They were punctual and then did an amazing job with everything I handed over to them. They went through the carpets, the curtains, the furniture - they basically did the works and I am very happy with every single minute they spent at my home doing their job. Excellent work!
Gabriel29Aug 2016
     Very pleased with Lucy Cleaners! From the minute I called them to the moment they finished with the cleaning, the team were professional, amiable and easy to deal with. These guys really exceeded my expectations and I would definitely hire them in the future.
Abbey 21Jul 2016
     I just hate house cleaning and I most often avoid doing it. I know it is not something I fancy doing myself. But at the same time I've not been able to find the right company or person to take up this task. This time I hired LucyCleaners and I was amazed at the end results. They did a speedy job and left my house spotlessly clean. I wonder if you guys have a magic wand!
Mary J.23Jun 2016
      Lucy Cleaning Company have experienced cleaners who have helped me at home on many occasions. Would definitely recommend.
Evan O.31May 2016
     How did I end up hiring Cleaning Services London? It all started with a conversation. I was telling my mate the other day how worried I was about getting the bond back on my rented flat. He said I should use this cleaning company and so I decided to give them a call and ask for their quotes. Wow! Their prices were amazing and well within my budget so I hired them for end of tenancy cleaning and I must say the results were incredible. I could not be happier. It was money well spent. Plus, I got the bond back.
Jake Bourne21Apr 2016
     100% use London Cleaners! I used their kitchen cleaning services earlier this month and they did such a good job. Worth the money and saved me so much time. Fantastic!
Georgia York 15Mar 2016
     I had a lovely old silk rug that I had inherited from my mother, but I hadn't inherited her cleaning prowess. The rug is so delicate that I was terrified of even hoovering it, and so I ended up leaving it to get dirty and muted. Thankfully, I called London Cleaners for some help with rug cleaning and they were brilliant. As you can imagine I was a bit nervous about the cleaning because of the delicacy of the rug, but the cleaners knew exactly what to do. Now, the rug looks better than ever before!
James Beach10Feb 2016
     I have a large family, and we live in a large house, so you can understand why I took a long time to settle on a local cleaning company. Although I was a little sceptical about how well they'd do, I hired Cleaners London and was pleasantly surprised! Every single room in the house was spick and span after the first time I hired them, and the entire package was completed ahead of time. No matter how big your job is, I'd definitely recommend this firm for any domestic cleaning needs. Two thumbs up!
Heather W.17Nov 2015
     I had so much trouble with cleaning my home the last time I moved house that I wanted to avoid the stress of it completely. I looked into a few local companies, but London Cleaners seemed the most professional by far. I was blown away by their excellent customer service and friendly cleaners, and the job they did was fantastic - very thorough and also very quick! I can't recommend this service enough if you're looking for help with end of tenancy cleaning!
Veronica14Oct 2015
      Lucy Cleaners London are a great company for carpet cleaning, and the only one that I'll trust! The cleaner I hired was very friendly and used really good techniques and tools to get fab results for my floors. Even the toughest stains were gone in next to no time!
Rachel R.02Oct 2015
      London Cleaners are the only people I will call for cleaning support. Their top services ensure the best result and their team will do everything properly and quickly. 10 out of 10.
Lois Jackson24Sep 2015
     I was recommended Cleaners London by a friend when I had some cleaning that needed to be done in my house. From the get go they provided me with the best possible service, and the low price of the entire job definitely meant that it was money well spent.
James 02Sep 2015
     Just wanted to let you know that my family and I are very pleased with the cleaning service provided by Lucy Cleaning Company. We are impressed with the efficient service that we were provided with for our end of tenancy cleaning last month. Since we had been living in this house for nearly three years there was a lot of cleaning to be done. But your team surprised us with their skills and efficiency. Our landlord was happy and gave us back the entire deposit. He even asked us how we managed to make the house look so good! I have given your company all the credit. Thanks for the brilliant work.
Mrs Cherrie and family19Aug 2015
      Cleaners London as a team were incredibly friendly when they came to clean for me recently. They took on my end of tenancy cleaning last week when I was in the process of relocating out of my rented property. Thanks to the fabulous team I received a full refund on my deposit and was able to enjoy a happy and stress free move!
Vera Stottlemeyer07Aug 2015
      Cleaning Services London is the best cleaning firm that I have ever hired. They were able to provide all the home clean support I needed so that I could have the bests home possible. I was impressed with their top cleaners who were able to handle all the chores that needed doing. They worked swiftly and properly, so that my house was clean by the end of the day. They worked carefully so that there were no mishaps or damages and the cleaners themselves were very amiable. I am very happy with their cleaning services and I will continue to hire them in the future.
Travis Hanson31Jul 2015
     I had to move out of my rented home quickly as I was being relocated by my job. I called London Cleaners to clean the flat after I had emptied it of my things. They gave me a great price and the job they did was fabulous. It was great to be able to leave an absolutely sparkling flat for the next tenant!
Tony Arthur 14Jul 2015
     I was busy with work and a family and needed some assistance with the house cleaning. I hired a local company called Lucy Cleaners who had some exclusive offers for a limited period. I was astounded at what a good job the cleaners did. They covered every little detail of the house and even got to parts I didn't! The service was rendered to a high standard and at a good cost.
Mrs. Tammy Thomas03Jul 2015
      Lucy Cleaning Company has served us well and certainly deserves a positive feedback. I normally never leave reviews but this time is an exception. There has never been a time I had thought I could not clean my own house myself, but ever since I got employed after a long pregnancy leave at my old job I have had absolutely no time to stay home and dedicate myself to cleaning only. I spend my time at home with my two children, checking their homework and cooking food. This cleaning company is the best solution for me and I feel like recommending it to others.
Kelly R.23Jun 2015
     I am a boarding house maid and I am responsible for organizing the cleaning services in our school. I have chosen the cleaning agency London Cleaners. They send a group of professional cleaners to our school on a regular basis. I have always wondered how they manage to clean the whole school in such a short time period. They clean the toilets, the kitchen, the residential halls etc. Our headmaster is proud to meet new students and parents in such a clean and presentable environment. That's why we use this company's services on a regular basis.
Joanna Smith15Jun 2015
     I have a really busy job as a nurse in the local hospital. I work long, irregular hours and am usually exhausted by the time I get home. I live on my own and I was hoping to find a cleaning company who could take that burden off my shoulders so that I could just relax when not working instead of cleaning my apartment! Everyone knows that nurses are hopelessly underpaid and so I had to find something really cheap. Lucy Cleaning Company gave me a quote that was much lower than their competition. I booked them and was over the moon when I saw the quality of their cleaners' work. Now I always book them and while I'm working, they're cleaning my apartment. Heaven!
Teri Muller10Jun 2015
     I knew I wouldn't be able to impress my clients with a messy office so something had to be done. I called up London Cleaners hoping they could help and I'm happy to say they did. Their top team were deployed to my office immediately and in no time my building was looking better than ever. My clients are impressed with my work and I'm impressed with this company.
Helen MacArthur26May 2015
     I had had a big meeting at my workplace which many guests would attend. Food and drinks were served and it was overall a success. However, after the event, the entire office was a mess. Needing it to be cleaned quickly, I called up LucyCleaners for help. They helped me handle all the work, as they saw to each aspect of the chore. They left me with a clean workplace within a day, with all rubbish, stains, crumbs and dirt gone. With them handling things, I was assured a quality result, as you will be if you hire them too.
Richard Harrison15May 2015
     The team at Lucy Cleaners London provided me with a range of cleaning services, including carpet cleaning and sofa cleaning. They transformed my messed up house into a luxurious haven that I now love spending time in. I was worried that it would cost me a fortune to hire professional cleaners but I was surprised with the competitive rate that they offered me. Thank you for the best service I have seen in a long time!
P. Williams07May 2015
     My estate agent was stunned to see the pristine condition of the house when I returned the keys to the house that I had rented for nearly two years. He commented that the house looked brand new and so did the furnishings. The team of three from Cleaners London worked hard for two days to wipe clean the kitchen, rugs, bathroom and the other rooms at our 3-bedroom rented house. I am so glad I asked this company to handle my end of tenancy cleaning as that gave me ample time to focus on my core activities like packing the bags and bidding goodbye to my friendly neighbours. Thank you for the fabulous job!
Finn Davis01May 2015
     I am thrilled with the way the professional cleaners tend to our office! They are certainly quick and very skilled at what they do. The office toilets are now free of all the stains accumulated over the years. Lucy Cleaning Company has sent expert cleaners to take care of our workplace. It is not easy to for a cleaning service to gain your trust, but I am truly impressed with this agency. They definitely know what they are doing!
Trisha24Apr 2015
     I work a night job and cleaning is so hard for me. I don't have the strength to get up and make myself a sandwich, let alone anything else. Cleaning is something I can barely do once a month and the house starts to look like a right mess. One of my friend's brother's recommended me this amazing company called Lucy Cleaners London. Their cleaners are relaxed, reliable and don't judge you on your place. Safe to say I've never looked back!
Shelley14Apr 2015
     I had a dinner party in which one of the guests spilled all the red wine on my cream carpet, and I was devastated! My beautiful rug had totally been ruined and I tried to clean it up myself, but to no avail. Fortunately, one of the guests at the party referred me to LucyCleaners, and a cleaner was able to come out the very next day to clean it! I am so impressed!
Sally03Apr 2015
     With a tiled kitchen and granite stone counter tops; stains just seem to find their way into my home. I clean regularly but sometimes it just doesn't feel like enough. So I decided to hire an ongoing domestic cleaner. London Cleaners sent me an angel instead. I've loved not only having a beautifully clean home, but also getting to know my cleaner and come to respect her as a person and worker.
Lola S.24Mar 2015
     There is really nothing like a clean house - especially when someone else does the cleaning on my behalf! I love my domestic cleaner from Cleaners London. I also love recommending the fantastic services of the company to my friends and family - they really deserve the great reputation they have made for themselves.
Gabrielle T.16Mar 2015
     Running a second hand furniture shop is a fantastic business. But a lot of the furniture we get donated or we buy does need some serious cleaning. We have a great business partnership with Cleaning Services London we specialise in fabric and upholstering cleaning. They do a top job every time and I really love having them to contact for the tough jobs.
Andrew M.04Mar 2015
     I'm a big believer in buying second hand furniture. It comes with some wear and tear, but I love the character and charm it has. My latest purchase of an upholstered dining setting needed some work done. I've been using Lucy Cleaners and their cleaning services for quite a few years now. They are such experts in cleaning upholstered fabrics. I wouldn't go with anyone else, and I definitely recommend their services to anyone who asks!
Francis S.24Feb 2015
     Having Cleaners London clean my home has been a delight! Their cleaners know what they are doing, and they always make sure they get to all the trickiest places in the house. I have had them clean under the sinks, in between furniture and the tops of picture frames without me even have to tell them to do it! They really do clean your home like their home, which I think is the best thing about them! I highly recommend them to everyone.
H. Giblin18Feb 2015
     I have just had my carpets cleaned throughout my house and they look absolutely wonderful. Lucy Cleaners had some special offers and I decided to give them a try. The staff first took a test of the fabric to ensure the procedure was safe. The clean was done efficiently by a competent team of cleaners. The clean was done suing eco friendly techniques so there were no harmful toxins left in the atmosphere. The carpets looked like new and saved me the cost of buying new replacement ones. The costs were good and the service excellent. I would suggest if your carpets need a clean to hire this firm
Francis Barrett04Feb 2015
     I had no time to clean my house as I was on the road a lot with work. I didn't like cleaning so my mum told me about a company she had started to use to clean her house. Cleaners London were great. The office staff arranged a meeting to discuss my needs and gave me a quote that I was happy with. I booked a date, and the cleaners did a great job. They cleaned my home from top to bottom and didn't miss a thing. It was a great cleaning service, and I will certainly be suing them again more regularly.
Erick Matthews27Jan 2015
     Wanted to come by and say my thanks to the whole team at Lucy Cleaning Company for the recent help with the office cleaning. As a company, we just don't have time to focus on the minor details like this and with customers coming back and forth, it was getting to be a bit of an issue. Now, though, we just let them do their thing and their cleaners handle all of the difficult work. We're more productive. And the office is really much cleaner. Just an excellent service.
Dwayne C.07Jan 2015
     My work usually takes me around a lot so I never have time to clean my house when I am at home. Hiring Lucy Cleaners was one of the best ideas I have had in a long time! They are so efficient with their service and pay such good attention to detail, that it is almost easy for me to relax and spend time with my family while they take over the cleaning aspect. Additionally, their services are priced at such reasonable rates that it makes it even more affordable to hire them regularly.
Kristov16Dec 2014
     What I liked best about this company is that their people took the trouble to tailor a cleaning service package especially for me. My home, boutique and working area are co-joined and I need a cleaning company that would understand what I wanted for each area of the property. I was lucky that my friend suggested Lucy Cleaners London. Not only did they offer me the special services that I needed, they also made sure their workers kept an eye on every detail and did a thorough job. They can definitely count me in as one of their regulars now!
Diandra27Nov 2014