How and Why you Need to Keep your Cleaning Products Organised in Kentish Town

Posted on 30/08/2013

Best Ways to Organise Your Cleaning Supplies

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It’s often very tempting to start storing all your cleaning products in one place in your home in Kentish Town, so you know where everything is. However, this can sometimes actually be a hindrance when you are cleaning around the house. The bigger your home is, the more of a pain this will be, as having to run from an upstairs room back to a downstairs cleaning cupboard to get something you forgot can be an unnecessary hassle. By planning ahead and organising your cleaning goods, you can make sure that when you need to clean you can get what you need quickly and easily.

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Organising by room

One very effective approach is to organise all of your products by room, rather than having them all in one place. For example, you will need dusters and some surface spray in the bedroom, along with some dusters and a cloth or two, so why not simply find a little space in the bedroom where they can stay. This way, you can just grab them when you need to clean your home in Kentish Town, NW5. This also helps with any accidents or spur of the moment cleaning, as you can quickly get your cleaning things and get going.

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For anything heavy, like a vacuum or steam cleaner, while it can often make sense to keep them in a central location in your home so you can get to it easily, if you have a large home with a number of upstairs rooms, it can be worth looking into a smaller more portable vacuum or steam cleaner that can be stored upstairs. This will save you having to lift a heavy cleaner up and down stairs, and once aging make the prospect of cleaning less bothersome.

It goes without saying that you should make sure you have the relevant items in the right rooms. Bleach and toilet cleaner, along with any limescale removers should stay in the bathroom (with some for the kitchen too) for example. This way you can break down any centralised cleaning cupboard you had, and give yourself some extra space too.

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Keeping items of the same type together

Even though you will be spreading most of your cleaning supplies out by room, you will probably need a small space for reserves and things that you want to keep in a more central area of the home in the NW5 district. When organising a cleaning cupboard, try to give yourself a system by keeping items of the same type together. This will make it easy to find what you need at a glance, and also make sure you don’t take the wrong product for what you need. Although this sounds fairly minor, it’s little things like these that can make doing your cleaning a lot easier when you are not really in the mood, and can prevent any nasty accidents that could happen if you use the wrong product for the wrong job.

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General supplies

Regardless of what kinds of cleaning products you use, it can be very useful to have a back up supply of everyday alternatives. Having a good amount of white vinegar, baking soda, lavender and salt kept to one side for cleaning your home in Kentish Town only can be very useful if you run out of something at the last minute. These ingredients can fill in for most cleaning products, and are very good at removing stains and limescale too, so you may in fact prefer to use these an alternative to other products. Making sure you have a good supply of cloths, sponges and scourers is useful too, as these can quickly wear out.

Karina Bowen
Karina Bowen

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