Tips for Cleaning your Fridge in Finchley

Posted on 06/01/2015

How to Deep Clean Your Fridge

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You use your fridge in Finchley every day to keep our food and drink fresh. However, despite this, you may not often think of cleaning it. Food perishing, spillages and general food storage can make our fridge a breeding ground for bacteria and can be potentially harmful to you and your family. Fortunately, keeping your fridge clean, tidy and hygienic isn’t difficult and, with a bit of thoughtful arranging, you can prevent it from becoming grimy. Include these steps in your kitchen cleaning routine and your fridge will remain spotless.

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Deep Clean
The first step is to take all your food out of the fridge in your home in Finchley, N12. Throw any food that’s out of date in the bin; oftentimes the food which goes off is the food that we’ve forgotten about. We’re so conscious of perishable items like cheese and chicken going bad and contaminating the fridge, that we often forget the jar of mint sauce that’s now two years old or that tub of butter at the back.

Next, take out all the different sections, separators and compartments. Clean these with an anti-bacterial kitchen cleaner and hot water. Allow these to dry thoroughly before replacing to avoid water dripping and collecting in the bottom of the fridge. Use the same kitchen cleaning solution and a cloth to also go around the inside of fridge itself; don’t forget the door and any crevices that food and bacteria could have collected.

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Replace food
Putting the food back in the fridge isn’t simply a matter of just placing it randomly wherever it’ll fit. To avoid spillages and contamination, you’ll need to follow a couple of simple steps to keep your fridge organised. Start by returning liquids to the upright compartment, usually located in the fridge door. This will keep them upright and stop them from spilling. Make sure to give them a wipe-down with either an anti-bacterial kitchen cleaner wipe or the same kitchen cleaning agent you used on the rest of the fridge, making sure to change the hot water you’re using.

Next, put back the condiments and jars, preferably also in an upright position in the door of the fridge. Also wipe these down before returning them to the fridge so that any germs that were there before aren’t being returned.

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Cheese and butter usually have their own compartments. However, if they don’t in your particular fridge, the top shelf is fine for these items. Yoghurts and also eggs, if you prefer to keep yours in the fridge, can go here.

Most fridges will have a salad crisper to keep your vegetables fresh and separate from the rest of the fridge. If not, put them on the second shelf, near the top.

Raw meat should always be kept on the bottom shelf. This is because raw meat is the most likely to contain harmful bacteria and therefore shouldn’t be in a position where it can drip or leak on anything else. Remember that raw meat should always be kept separate from cooked meat. Keep cooked food in sealed Tupperware boxes and don’t keep it for more than a few days.

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Keep it clean
After the initial deep clean, make sure to maintain a high level of cleanliness in the fridge in your home in Finchley. Clean up any spillages as soon as they happen and make sure you go through all the items at least once a week to make sure nothing is out of date and ensure nothing has started to go mouldy. Go over all the surfaces with an anti-bacterial cleaner and give the whole fridge a deep clean around once a month to make sure you get to all the bits you can’t reach without taking everything out.

Karina Bowen
Karina Bowen

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