The Benefits of Steam Cleaning in Holland Park

Posted on 19/07/2013

Reasons to Use Steam Cleaning at Your Home or Office

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Steam cleaning has become increasingly popular in recent years. Most of this increase in popularity can be put down to the arrival of affordable, portable steam cleaners. If you don’t already know, steam cleaning uses hot water to create steam, which is put on to your carpets, floor boards, sofas, or whatever you need cleaned. It, on the whole, can clean a lot more efficiently and a lot deeper than older methods of cleaning. Below are some benefits to consider when thinking about if buying a steam cleaning device, or hiring a steam cleaning service for your home in Holland Park.

don't clean with bleach

In order to get dirt or stains out of anything in the past, bleach was the number one product used. Don’t miss understand bleach; it can be a very useful product. It can get any stain out of almost any material in your home in Holland Park, W8. But it doesn’t have it downsides. For one, it is a very poisonous substance. If a child ingests even a little of it, it could be fatal. If it penetrates the eyes and open wounds, it can be very harmful indeed. Steam cleaning is not a hazardous chemical; it’s comprised of the friendliest chemical known to man – water. Although the heat from the steam has the potential to burn, steam is nowhere near as dangerous as bleach. On top of all that, bleach has a very pungent odour. Steam is odourless.

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Steam cleaning, when used to clean floors, is at least, if not more, efficient as using older methods such as a vacuum, a mop, or a brush. By physically evaporating all dirt out of your surfaces, it leaves it looking as good as new. Mops are known to simply just transport the dirt on your floor to different parts of your floor. Vacuums are known to get plugged and jammed, as well as miss some dirt and dust. Steam cleaners may cost a little extra, but they are not subject to these faults. But be careful, certain types of carpet fabrics will not be suitable for steam cleaning. Be sure to check with whoever you bought your carpet from, or whoever you bought your steam cleaner from.

steam cleaning

A further advantage of using steam in order to clean is that it is much more eco-friendly than other methods. Now, obviously it is quite harder to be more eco-friendly than a mop and bucket or a broom, but a steam cleaner is much more friendly to the environment than a vacuum cleaner which needs constant electricity to function. Steam cleaners use much less electricity as they only need it to boil water. It probably uses as much energy as an electric kettle, which is much less than a vacuum uses.

efficient against bacteria

Steam cleaners are also much more efficient at killing bacteria. As bacteria cannot do anything but die when they are subjected to high temperatures, steam will completely annihilate them. Bleach is as efficient at destroying bacteria, but with a steam cleaner you can do it without the potential risks and odour that you’ll be subjected to in your home in the  SW1W area if you chose to use bleach.

save money

Buying a steam cleaner, although it may not seem like it at the time, will save you money. As it only needs water to clean – no chemicals or detergents – all that you need to pay for is the little electricity it uses, as well as the one of payment of actually buying the cleaner. Using bleach based method of cleaning in your home in Holland Park means you have to continually buy bottles of bleach or other cleaning products. Over time, the price of this can add up, meaning buying a steam cleaner, in the long term, can save you money.

Karina Bowen
Karina Bowen

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