How to Perform Spring Cleaning at Home

spring cleaning

Ever noticed how good you feel after cleaning your room? Chances are you then went on to perform other tasks with no complaints, to do with cleaning and otherwise. In short, a winning mentality can see you complete a full house clean in Dulwich within a week, but don't burn out too soon. Below are a series of tips in how to prepare and perform the job.   

Tips in how to perform a full home clean in under a week.

cleaning habits

1 - Keep good habits

Before we address anything to do with cleaning specifically, it's important to acknowledge factors in your day-to-day life affecting motivation. If you are a messy or lousy person, begin by going about achieving small things every day. Clean up your food mess as you go instead of leaving it until later. Make sure your bathroom is well ventilated when you next take a shower or bath. Make your bed as you clamber out of it each morning. Get up an hour earlier than usual. Exercise regularly, make your diet at least 60% vegan and drink lots of water. Finally, perform quick deep breathing techniques at least three times a day to help relieve both mental and physical tension. Please don't see all these things as 'rules', but merely ways of living that will have you feeling a lot more organised and motivated. 

While it's quite a romantic and spiritual idea, your personal mentality needs to reflect the cleaning you plan to perform in Dulwich, SE21, especially since the means recommended across the next step are entirely natural. See the cleaning ahead as a journey through the wonders of the natural world as you eliminate toxins and odours from your home. You will seriously feel a 'world' of good.

all-organic tool kit

2 - Prepare your all-organic tool kit

Don't bother going out to buy additional cleaning products ahead of attempting your full home clean. Simply invest in the following affordable items: 

- A pack of paper towels
- Squeezed lemon juice
- Vinegar
- Baking soda
- Natural lavender air freshener
- 20 cheap white cloths
- Pumice
- Coarse brush
- An onion

The pumice is for scrubbing those stubborn stains since it doesn't scratch delicate surfaces. Buy some new dusters too if you want to operate from a clean slate in removing all your home's dust, especially as there will be a lot of it. Buy 4-6 small dusters instead of one or two large ones. 

Contrary to popular belief, domestic cleaning doesn't have to involve heavy duty products likely to corrode certain surfaces and send out toxic odours into the air. On this note, few air fresheners are better than lavender since the natural substance breaks down bacteria, and is especially vigilant on human-based waste. So you can kiss goodbye those lingering smells by your dirty washing pile and in the bathroom. Ensure a clean and dust-free vacuum cleaner is available, alongside a mop and you can hop to it in due course. First consult the remaining steps below however.  

home cleaning

3 - Identify each area in advance but don't plan too far ahead

Because your tool kit is so small, yet capable across each room and task, you don't need to stress or think too much about the different areas prior. Take confidence from knowing that your tool kit contains within it all the necessary chemical reactions responsible for removing rust, dust, fungus, mould, colour-spectrum ranging stains and so on.

Simply consider each room and area in your home in the SE21 district briefly as you acknowledge the defining characteristics across each. For example, your kitchen is home to food stains, food-related odours, moisture, rust, dust and micro-organisms such as fungi. Where is fungus found? The fridge, and in other poorly ventilated pockets of your kitchen. Simply think systematically like this before repeating the process across bathrooms, bedrooms, corridors, stairs, laundry areas, and outdoors. Home cleaning seem like less of a chore already? If you agree, your part way there already.  

spring clean

4 - Perform the cleaning

First of all, the smallness of our tool kit reflects similar approaches across treatments. Specifically however, follow these application steps across types of contamination:

Stains: vinegar, then baking soda. 

Rust: baking soda, then lemon juice, then vinegar, then scrub with coarse brush, then polish with pumice

clean systematically

Dirt: apply wet cloth with lemon juice

Oh, and if you're wondering why an onion appeared on our list earlier, it's because the interior of an onion is a bacteria magnet. Slice an onion in half and have it sit on the door of your fridge, while feel free to use further sliced onions elsewhere in your kitchen, and even bathroom etc. Finally, the lavender air freshener will remove all odours.   

Secondly, don't clean more than two rooms or areas per day. Have a rest and preserve your energy until the next day.

Follow the above house cleaning steps and you'll have your house in Dulwich transformed in under a week, guaranteed.

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