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Posted on 13/12/2013

How to Reduce the Costs for House Cleaning

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There are plenty of ways in which to reduce the costs involved in cleaning in Fulham, and most of them revolve around having a little think about what it is that makes it all so expensive. Have a look over the following tips and tricks to see if any of them might work for you, and you may be pleasantly surprised!

new cleaning tools

1.    How much do you spend on new cloths and sponges every time you visit the supermarket?

There must be a way in which to combat the ‘throw away’ nature of these products, so that you can reuse the things that you use to clean? The most obvious solution to this issue is likely to get round it by buying flannels that are washable and can therefore last a lot longer than the disposable cloths and sponges that you tend to use instead. If you are looking to save even more money, then going for a DIY approach may be what you need. Cutting up old clothes that would otherwise be thrown out will ensure that you are able to get the cloths that you need without spending a penny! These rags that you make will be washable just as clothes are, and therefore you will have a really long lasting set of cleaning equipment.

generic cleaning products

2.    Think about alternative cleaners.

The cleaning products that you find at supermarkets in Fulham, SW6 will often be hugely expensive given how long they tend to last, and it is not always the most economical way of doing things. Look into own brand cleaners, and investigate buying in bulk to see whether you can make savings either way. Simply monitoring how much you use when cleaning will also be an effective way of reducing the amount that you use up over a period of time, and will ensure that you do not get stuck with a massive bill from re-buying cleaning stuff every time you visit the shops!

natural cleaners

3.    Give natural cleaners a go!

There are many weird and wonderful alternative cleaning solutions that can be found on the net. A favorite comes in the form of lemon, vinegar and baking soda recipes that will tackle the same dirt and grime as any other branded cleaner. You just need to look into how they work on the internet, and you will find that there is loads of in depth advice on how to use their natural cleaning abilities! Lemon and vinegar are highly acidic and act as a natural pair of bacteria killers, whilst the carbonated nature of baking soda will give off a great fizzy reaction and ensure that your cleaning efforts are aided by the added power. The combinations of these substances can replace household surface cleaners, bleach and bathroom cream cleaners. You can even make wood polish using lemon and olive oil!

cleaning equipment

4.    Have a think about your cleaning ‘tools’.

Do you have a load of cracked plastic equipment that has seen better days? Replacing these things may be cheap, but the regularity with which cheap and badly made equipment needs to be replaced can be a real issue for some. By far the easiest way in which to ensure that you are buying durable and efficient items in Fulham is to look at the quality of the materials and production methods that are used. You will no doubt find that metal and wooden items are much better at staying decent for longer, and whilst they may cost a little more to buy initially, they will certainly serve you better for longer. You can also rest easy in the fact that such materials are a lot better than plastic for the environment.

Karina Bowen
Karina Bowen

With a talent for organization and a keen eye for detail, Karina, a professional cleaner, has established herself as an expert in the field. Through her writing, she has assisted many people in enjoying their properties fresh and clean.