How to Stay on Top of the Cleaning at Home?

Posted on 22/07/2020

Tips for Staying on Top of the Household Cleaning

Cleaning at home may seem like a chore but it’s one of those things, we have to do it, so we may as well stop stressing about it and just get it done!
If you want to make home chores easier and like less of a chore then a good solid strategy in place is the way to go. Having a plan of action enables us to see what we have to do and when we have to do it, so really you cannot go wrong but what makes it all worthwhile is being able to tick of those boxes as and when you complete one of the household tasks.

So here goes, let’s make this home cleaning lark a doddle.

Pen and paper at the ready, lets write a list!

•    Daily jobs,
Dusting, hovering, washing, drying, wiping around, tidying around, empty the bins as much or as little as you can manage.
•    Weekly jobs,
Mopping, bathroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning, ironing, vacuum more thoroughly (move the sofa etc!) or anything that you didn’t get to do during the week.
•    Fortnightly jobs,
Changing beds (some people do this weekly by why make more work for yourself if they don’t really need it?) vacuuming and dusting bedrooms.
•    Monthly jobs,
Sorting out the clutter, oven cleaning, cobweb removal.
•    Quarterly jobs,
Clearing out your wardrobes, moving appliances to clean behind, skirting boards, and windows
•    Yearly jobs,
Freshening up, deep clean everything and retouch the paintwork and walls to freshen up what is needed.
The above list is just a guide and you should follow a method that suits you, some people may prefer to do more or less of what is stated above and that is absolutely fine. It’s about getting a strategy in place that works well for you and your family and that fits around the other commitments you may have in life.
If all of that seems like too much of a chore, or that you really cannot be bothered to write a list of things to do at home you do have some other options so do not worry about it.

These tips may help to get your house sorted whilst you concentrate on other things, it’s not for everybody but some people love this approach and it’s about finding the right balance and doing what suits you and what makes you happy at home.

Tip 1/ Hire a friend, someone you can trust! Some people are uncomfortable about letting strangers into their homes to clean, some are self conscious about what people may think too so hiring a friend could be the way to go. Do you have friend looking for a little job or an extra income, do you have spare cash and not enough time at home to get things done? Then hire a friend, this is perfect for you, and you can arrange a price that suits you both.

TIP 2/ would you rather let professionals clean for you instead? Great, why not hire a professional cleaning agency, they will come as often or as little as you like, they will clean when you are not at home if you want, or clean when you are there until you build up a trusting relationship with them. They are great, they are affordable and they can tackle all kinds of jobs from bathroom scrubbing to upholstery steaming. They will rotate jobs so that one thing is done one week and another thing the next; they have all of the equipment, tools and detergents so that you don’t have to bother buying them.

Karina Bowen
Karina Bowen

With a talent for organization and a keen eye for detail, Karina, a professional cleaner, has established herself as an expert in the field. Through her writing, she has assisted many people in enjoying their properties fresh and clean.