Great Cleaning Tips To Keep Your House In Hammersmith Looking Perfect

Posted on 21/07/2014

How to Keep a House Clean Every Day of the Week

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If you are the type who feels like there must be a more creative way to do things than the normal methods, then you may enjoy looking over some of the following cleaning tips for your home cleaning in Hammersmith that are not quite so conventional! From vinegar in the bathroom to rubbers on the TV remote, it’s all cheap, effective and pretty strange! Hopefully some of these techniques will work for you in the home, and get you moving towards a clean place in no time.

If your shower head is not as pressurized as you would like then you may find that it is because it is clogged up. The best way to avoid this is to get it cleaned through with an acid that will tackle the hardest of build ups. Removing the shower head from the pipe and leaving it in a bowl of vinegar overnight will leave you with a new looking shower head, that should give you excellent results afterwards. You will find that the cleaning of the water ways in the head attachment will ensure that the shower gives the fullest pressure that it can.

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If you are worried about grubby marks throughout your house in Hammersmith, W6, then you can try using pencil erasers. The friction that the erasers will put on the marks will remove the dirt without the need for water, and without removing the paint form any surfaces. This technique works on most surfaces, from light switches, to painted walls vie the TV remote! Have a go at it, and if you don’t have a rubber, then dabbing the mark with blu-tack will often work wonders as well!

If you have a blocked drain, try pouring a combination of vinegar, baking soda and hot water down there. The fizzy reaction of the three will bubble away, allowing the acid in the vinegar to eat through the blockage, clearing the pipe. Only allow for a table spoon or so of baking soda, as you don’t want the reaction to be too much ,as it might overflow and go everywhere!

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When it comes to cleaning the grouting in between the tiles in your bathroom, try the technique you use on your teeth! A brush and some toothpaste, or even baking soda, will get in to the gaps between tiles nicely, and will usually whiten up most stained grouting. Give it a go and see if your tiles can look even better!

Most people only use washing up liquid for the washing up, but it is an excellent cleaner throughout your house in Hammersmith. If your bath has a soap scum line round it, then have a go at washing it with washing liquid. Pour a table spoon into the bottom of the bath, add a little water, and then slosh the soapy water up around the bath with a sponge. The results are a quick and easy clean, much better than a cream cleaner in many senses!

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You may find yourself without any of the normal washing up tools, but if you have a lemon and some salt, that is not an issue! You will find that you can easily get the grease and food stains off of plates with half a lemon, which forms an easily gripped washing up tool! The acid eats through the grease, whilst the salt will help scratch away at the dried on food marks, just be sure to soak the plates a little longer beforehand.

Karina Bowen
Karina Bowen

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