Find Out How Much Difference The Right Dustpan And Brush Can Make In Notting Hill

Posted on 04/04/2014

The Best Cleaning Tools for Indoors and Out

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For many people in Notting Hill, one of the key things which is holding them back from accomplishing the kind of cleaning which they would like to complete is the lack of knowledge or understanding of the real potential of the products which they use. With so many different tools and substances used during the cleaning process, a knowledge of all the smaller innovations and potentials involved in each item can really make the difference when it comes to getting your home as clean as possible. One of the most notable places in which this occurs is the use of the cleaning tools which we have come to rely on, and one of the key examples of this is the humble dust pan and brush.

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Made up of two distinct parts – namely, the dustpan and the brush – it is rare to hear the two items mentioned apart from one another. The brush included in the pair is far smaller than the normal household broom and is often specifically designed to clip into and attach to its counterpart. This allows for the much more directed and deliberate sweeping of dust and objects than with larger brooms and brushes in your home in Notting Hill, W11. The dustpan part of the double act is perhaps the more useful of the two. It collects anything which you might need to sweep up, allowing you to deposit it in the bin.

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When it comes to cleaning, one of the most important considerations should always be the cleanliness status of the items which you are using to clean; when sweeping out a corner of a room, it makes little sense to use a dirty dustpan and brush if you want to get the best possible effect. Cleaning these items can be quite simple the dustpan can be simply cleaned using hot soapy water and disinfectant in order to get the best effect. The brush might be a little bit more difficult. The handle and the fixings can be cleaned in the same manner, but the bristles will not benefit hugely from soap and water. As such, take the brush outside and pull away any dust and dirt which you can see. After removing visible particles, run your hand along the bristles. This can clear out the pieces which have caught up and can get the brush back to its best.

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The main uses of a dustpan and brush are mainly devoted to smaller areas. The benefit of the smaller form factor of the brush is that it can reach into difficult places. Not only corners and tight spaces in your house in Notting Hill, but those areas such as on top of the kitchen cupboards and behind the boiler: places where large amounts of dust can build up but are difficult to access so many people fail to find a simple way of cleaning them.

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Besides this, the dustpan can be used with a larger brush. When sweeping in the home, the dustpan is perfect for picking up all of the small pieces which you have swept up from around your home in the W11 area. Whether using the big brush to sweep into the pan or just finishing the job with the little brush, this is where this tool truly excels. As well as this, when it comes to those quick fixes – say, after someone has dropped a glass or a plate, the dustpan is perfect for sweeping up small areas quickly. It always pays to have it in an easily accessible place, as those who clean as they go or often notice things which they will need to deal with quickly will want to make quick use of the dustpan and brush combo.

Karina Bowen
Karina Bowen

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