Delegating Cleaning Jobs Amongst The Family In Hampstead

Posted on 01/05/2014

Top Tips for Delegating Household Cleaning Chores

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When you are looking at the cleaning and thinking ‘How can I make this less stressful?’ It may be in idea to stop thinking about what you can do yourself, and what others can be doing! Too often the house work is left to one person in the home, and given the prevalence of women working through parenting, and genre roles being broken down, it is essential that everyone is pitching in on the jobs that keep the home feeling fresh and clean. Everyone in your house in Hampstead will be using the home in their own way, so it is essential that the cleaning and tidying of the place is done in a way that benefits everyone, and seems fair. Of course, your children are not going to be able to do as much as you, but there is a huge amount more that they can do, than most tend to. If you are interested in the idea of having a full cleaning family, then you should have a look over the following advice.

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For a start, think about those things which others in the family could well be doing. It is not as if any of the jobs around your home in Hampstead, NW3 are that difficult to the point of certain family members being unable to do them, it is more the case that you are so used to them that you can get them done much more quickly and effectively. In many ways, it is essential that you do not let this hinder the larger plan of having the whole family pitch in, as it is important that you can get this balance between who does what over time. It will not be a quick process, as people need to learn things and develop abilities, and if you don’t let them do so, then they will get away with not doing anything for the forthcoming future!

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Getting your other half to do their bit will be a lot easier than the kids, as an adult should understand the importance of this sort of work. However, you should be aware of the hours that you both work, and make allowances for any imbalance. If you are both working the same hours however, then it is important that you are doing the same amount of chores! The children will not be happy about being told to help with things, especially if they are a little older. It is important that you get the kids helping with things in your home in Hampstead from a young age however, so that they understand the importance of these jobs from an early point in their lives. A young person who can make a bed and is responsible for keeping the children's room tidy, will understand the work that goes in to such processes and will likely live a more tidy life going forward. You should be careful however, as getting too over worked about these things may well give your kid a bit of a cleanliness complex, which can be the type of neurosis that gets in the way, rather than helping them! Give your kids tasks that they need to get done over the week, but don’t over load them. One task per day, that should only take them twenty minutes is a good place to start, so that they develop a sense of doing things themselves. Ensure that the jobs are directly related to mess that they make, rather than having them feel like they are sorting out your mess! This will help them live more tidily over all as well.

Karina Bowen
Karina Bowen

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