How Can I Make House Cleaning Easier?

home cleaning

If you’re anything like me, you can go to extraordinary lengths to avoid the effort of cleaning your house, and view anyone who simply gets it over and done with as deranged. You’ve probably discovered already that you can never force yourself to actually enjoy cleaning, but if you take some of these practices on board and make them part of your usual habits, you’ll feel great at how much easier your cleaning chores feel.

regular cleaning

1.    Clean as you go    
First of all, try to remember to clean as you go through your day-to-day business. Start believing that the best time to clean your bath tub is after you’ve got out of your bath. If you catch yourself making an excuse to put it off, remind yourself of how small the job is, and how short a time it will take you compared to a massive, frantic blitz of the whole house squeezed into a single weekend. As you get into this habit in one or two areas of your home, it will become easier to apply that bath tub rule to your kitchenware after you cook, your wardrobe after you get changed, and so on.

house clean

2.    Get rid of bad habits
Once you’ve implemented some positive cleaning habits, you can spend some time eradicating negative ones. One of the most common habits messy people are guilty of is using rooms for the wrong purpose. If you ever find yourself getting work done in the living room, or rushing through breakfast in your bedroom, you’ll likely be moving stuff from the room it belongs to somewhere where it will look out of place and add to an inhospitable, cluttered look. If you usually find that you’re too busy to clean up, keeping your items near wherever they should live can be a huge help, serving as a reminder to clear them away.

no-shoes policy

3.    Introduce a no-shoes policy    
The next tip, which seen as you’re reading this you may have already taken on board, is to simply become a little more paranoid about dirt in your home, and in turn start taking measures to prevent it. Introduce a new house rule that everyone has to take their shoes off when they come into the house, and look out for sources of more mess by making sure all your windows are closed when there’s construction work on your road. As you become more disciplined and you start noticing these precautions taking more and more of an effect, you’ll find your actual cleaning work is much easier.

cleaning tools

4.    Keep your tools up to date
As another preparatory measure, you may want to have a look at the cleaning products and tools you already have in your house, and replace anything that’s looking worn out or switch to stronger products. While you should try and make an improvement in this area, you shouldn’t draw yourself too far away from your usual cleaning methods. If you have a broom that’s starting to look like an antique, but you always choose to use to use your vacuum anyway, don’t waste money on a cutting-edge microfiber mop that you’re never going to touch. Similarly, with cleaning agents, don’t spend a fortune on “leading brands” straight away. Make sure you read the instructions for all the products you’re using, and go looking for alternative methods on the internet if there are stains in your home that simply never seem to lift off.

domestic cleaning

5.    Keep everything at arm’s reach
Another tip relating to your cleaning equipment is to start paying attention to where certain products and tools are needed more than others, then try to clear a space in every room where you can keep these products. Being able to simply reach for the spray bottle when you notice a new stain can be exceptionally helpful when trying to maintain a clean home.

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